Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Website!!

We are excited to announce a NEW Band Website!!
Please check it out and sign up for the News Flash on the "Newsflash Page" so you can get up-to-the-minute information from Mr. Garvin and the Band Boosters! We hope that this will prove to be a faster and easier way to get information to you in the upcoming year!
We'll leave this site up for a while to help ease the transition and to help you be able to find the correct site again when you need to. Please spread the word amongst your fellow Band and Color Guard students and parents!

Other important announcements:
Fri. Aug. 29th - Home game vs. AB Miller (Fontana)
Fri. Sept. 5th - Home game vs. Littlerock
Fri. Oct. 3rd - Homecoming vs. Rim of the World
Fri. Oct. 10th - Home game vs. Adelanto
Fri. Oct. 17th - Senior Night vs. Victorville

Please mark your calendars now for the:
30th Annual
High Desert Field Show Tournament
Saturday, October 11th (1:00pm)
@ Barstow High School (Langworthy Field)
We will need a lot of parent volunteers to help us this day,
so please plan to be there and help if you can!!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Band Boosters Constitution and By-laws

Barstow High School Band and Colorguard Boosters, Inc.


Article I.  NAME

The name of this organization shall be the Barstow High School Band and Colorguard Boosters, Inc.  Herein also known as Band Boosters; Aztec Band.

Article II.  PURPOSE

The purpose of this club, as a non-profit organization, will be to assist the Barstow High School Bands and associated instrumental groups, through fundraisers, volunteer service, public relations and recognition of individual and group achievement.


The organization of the Barstow High School Band and Colorguard Boosters, Inc. shall be pursuant to the General Non-Profit Corporation Law of the State of California.


1.         This organization shall be governed by an Executive Board and the General Membership.  The business of the Barstow High School Band and Colorguard Boosters, Inc. will be conducted by this Executive Board and the General Membership.

2.         The Executive Board shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Coordinator.  In addition, advisors to the Executive Board members would consist of the BHS Band Director and BHS Colorguard Advisor.  The Executive Board may also have, at their discretion, such other Officers or Sub-Ordinate Officers as may be appointed by the Executive Board in accordance with these Constitution and By-laws.

3.         Annual budget meeting will be held between June – August, prior to the first General Meeting of the next school year by the newly elected Executive Board.  The budget will be presented to the General Membership at the first General Meeting of the school year for approval.

4.         There shall be one general meeting each month.  Meetings shall also be subject to the call of the President or any two or more Executive Board members requesting a special meeting from time to time as may be required by the operations of this organization.  Meetings shall also be subject to the call of the President or any two or more Executive Board members requesting a special meeting from time to time as may be required by the operations of this organization.  A general meeting may be called by five (5) members with verbal or written notice to the President.  In order to conduct business of an Executive Board meeting, there must be present a 51% quorum of the Executive Board.

5.         In the event a vacancy should occur in the Executive Board, the position shall be deemed vacant and may be filled by a majority vote by the remaining Executive Board members.  If the vacancy cannot be filled by the end of the school year, then another board member may cover as temporary.

6.         Nominations for board positions for the following school year will be submitted to the Executive Board in March.  Voting will be held in April, by the General Membership, and the results published at the Senior Banquet in May and on the blog.

7.         A Board Member’s term of office shall be for a minimum of one year: July 1 through June 30 of the following year.  If an office is unable to be filled by either an election or appointment, said officer currently holding that Board position may continue in that office for the next one year term upon approval of the general membership.


The Barstow High School Band and Colorguard Boosters, Inc. Executive Board, whenever two-thirds (2/3) of said Executive Board shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, which shall be valid for all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by three-fourths (3/4) of the Executive Board.


Article I. MEMBERS

General Membership shall be open to all persons interested in the welfare of all bands and colorguard within the program. 


Should the Executive Board or the general members find the conduct of any member, Office, or Chairperson, detrimental to the bet interests of the organization, the Executive Board/Members may take such action as they deem applicable and appropriate, including, but not limited to, suspension from or removal from the Barstow High School Band and Colorguard Boosters, Inc.  Such action shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of those voting Members/Officers present.


Only parents or guardians of a student in the Barstow High School Band and Colorguard Boosters, Inc. may hold an elected position.

President:  Represent this organization at Barstow Unified School District or any applicable meetings when requested.  Conduct organization meetings as scheduled.  Authorize expenditures under one hundred dollars ($100.00), after consulting with the Treasurer, on request of the Band Director.  Appoint committees as necessary.   The President will authorize media information.  Receive and acknowledge correspondence relating directly to this organization. Turn over a complete record of his/her dealing on behalf of this organization to the succeeding President.  The immediate past President will act as an advisor with the succeeding board.

Vice President:  Conduct affairs in the absence of the President and assists the President in his/her tasks.  Maintains a current roster of all current band and colorguard students.  Maintain any multi-media communications.

Secretary:  Take attendance at all meetings of the Band Boosters.  Record the minutes of all meetings, open or closed, keep and maintain the official records of the organization.  Publish the minutes of all meetings as directed by the Executive Board and General Membership.  The Secretary shall turn over a complete record of his/her dealing on behalf of this organization to the succeeding Secretary. 

Treasurer:  Record all monies received or disbursed, deposit all funds, pay all debts, and provide financial report at each General Meeting.  Head the annual budget meeting with the Executive Board to establish the annual budget. Submit annual budget for approval by the General Membership at the first General Meeting in August or September.  The Treasurer and two Executive Board members shall be authorized to sign checks, with two signatures required:

            A.  Signature Authorization:

                        (1)  Booster Account – (a) President (b) Vice President (c) Treasurer

Any expenditure over one hundred dollars ($100.00), not included in the approved annual budget, must be approved by a majority of the General Members, after consulting with the Executive Board.

An assistant to the treasurer may be appointed by the Executive Board to help the treasurer in his/her duties.

In all collecting, counting, and verifying of monies, there shall be at least two members present, one of who will be a board member, preferably the treasurer.  For this activity the assistant treasurer will be counted as a board member.

Because of BUSD policy regarding district employees handling money, the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Assistant to the Treasurer (if one is appointed), shall not be held by an employee of the BUSD.

Membership Coordinator:  Obtains list of band parents and coordinates said lists for various tasks and activities organized by the Band Boosters.


Chairpersons are to be appointed to fulfill the needs of this organization.  Chairpersons are to include, but not limited to the following titles; Fundraising, Field Show/Band and Orchestra Festival, Concessions Manager, Concessions Staff, Chaperone, Water, 50/50, Recycling, Scholarship Committee.

An Executive Board member may hold a chairperson position providing there is no conflict with their position as it is described in the by-laws.

Fundraising:  Organizes fundraising activities for this organization to support the Band and Colorguard performances and operations.  He/She reports to the President and/or Treasurer.

Field Show/Band and Orchestra Festival:  Co-Chairs, with the band director, the annual field show tournament, Bandtasia, and the Band and Orchestra Festival.

Concessions Manager:  Manages concessions stand(s) for all home football games, the annual field show tournament, Bandtasia, and the Band and Orchestra Festival and any other event where concessions may be provided.  This includes supplying food, condiments, equipment and maintenance as needed.  He/She reports to the President and/or Treasurer.

Concessions Staff:  Recruits volunteers to work concessions sales at events.  Maintains a schedule and record of all volunteers who work.  He/She reports to the President and/or Membership Coordinator.

Chaperone:  Schedule parents to chaperone and coordinate trip activities utilizing a rotational method from the signed volunteer roster.  Said chaperones must be cleared to volunteer through BUSD and be on current list for Barstow High School.  He/She reports to Membership Coordinator and/or Band Director.

Water:  Responsible for securing a supply of water for each band member at all home football games and field shows and at other functions as requested by the Band Director.  He/She reports to the Treasurer and/or Concessions Manager.

50/50:  Recruits volunteers to sell 50/50 tickets during football games, field show tournaments and other events as necessary.  He/She reports to the President and/or Membership Coordinator.

Recycling:  Responsible for collecting recyclables brought to the Band room and turning in for cash which is to be deposited in the general fund of this organization.  He/She reports to the President and/or Treasurer.

Scholarship Committee:  Determine the method of application and the number of scholarships to be awarded.  This committee shall be comprised of:  two members of the Executive Board, three general members, and the Band Director.  The Band Director is in an advisory capacity only and has no vote on this committee.  This committee shall be formed at the March general meeting and shall not consist of a person who is a parent/guardian to a graduating senior band member.

Article V.    CONTRACTS

The Band Director selects the coaching/support staff and presents his selections and compensation suggestions to the Executive Board at the Annual Budget Meeting.  Once the Selectees and compensation have been approved, a contract will be generated by the President and then signed by the Band Director, Treasurer or President, and the Selectee.  When all signatures have been collected, a copy will be provided to the Selectees and to the Treasurer to be maintained in his/her records.


The first General Meeting will be held on the third Tuesday in August if schedules and time allow.  Subsequent General Meetings shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month during the school year.  General meetings are to be held September through May at one per month during school year.  An optional December meeting is at the discretion of the Membership.  Board meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of each month right before the General Meeting.  Board meetings may be changed at the discretion of the Board.  Reasonable notice shall be given to all members of the Board and the General Members for any meetings.


A scholarship fund shall be established each year and included in the annual budget.  Any senior who has ever performed in the Barstow High School Band or Colorguard will be eligible.

            1. The President or other Executive Board member and the Band Director are to be the signers of the certificate or letter that is given to the recipient at the Scholarship Award Ceremony.

            2.  Scholarship recipients must show proof of enrollment to the Band Boosters by the end of the calendar year following the award presentation.

            3.  Notification of enrollment in a college/institution must be received from the registrar’s office on the letterhead of the institution by December of the calendar year in which the student graduates from Barstow High School.

            4.  If the scholarship recipient has any outstanding debt to the Barstow High School Band or its Booster Club, these funds may be deducted from the scholarship award.

            5.  In the event the scholarship recipient doesn’t enroll into a higher education institution by the end of the calendar year, the scholarship will be forfeited.


Student accounts are set up for each member of the Barstow High School Band and Colorguard.

As each student participates in fundraising activities through his or her Aztec career, the money raised is deposited into his/her student account.

These accounts are set to track and save their fundraised monies so that the money is available to them for the payment of fees and expenses associated with band trips.  Fundraised money can ONLY be utilized for payment on behalf of the student for trips.

This account is not a private or personal account.  It is not an account set-up for students to pay for anything except for fees and costs associated with band related expenses.  It is simply a way of tracking the student’s share of funds raised through his or her volunteer efforts through the year.  The student’s “share” of the funds raised is recorded under the student’s name.  Personal or family related deposits on behalf of the student by individuals may be used for purchase of items relating to band, i.e. clothing, apparel or instrument accessories.  When the student graduates or leaves the program, the monies left in the student’s account from fundraising activities will be transferred into the general fund of the Barstow High School Band and Colorguard Boosters, Inc.  Or monies can be transferred from sibling to sibling ONLY, if the receiving sibling is currently in the program or incoming to the program the following school year.  Any personal or family related deposits that were made to a student’s account MAY BE returned, on a case by case basis.  Donations made by a business to a student for their account MAY NOT be returned and will be transferred to the general fund.  If a student leaves the program by any manner, other than graduation, all monies are forfeited to the general fund after 30 days have passed, unless monies are a personal deposit and those must be requested within 30 days of students departure from program.


Proposals to amend these Bylaws may be made by any General Member or any member of the Executive Board.  Any proposal to amend the Bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the President and Secretary not less than 30 days prior to a general meeting or any special meeting called for this purpose.  No proposal shall be accepted from the floor of any general meeting or any special meeting called for this purpose.

These by-laws shall be reviewed whenever necessary by any member of the Band Boosters.  Any recommendations made will be presented to the General Members for approval.

            By-laws should be reviewed every two (2) years or when deemed necessary.

Any amendment to these Bylaws must be carried by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those members present and voting.

Whenever an amendment to these Bylaws is adopted, it shall be copied in the Book of Bylaws with the original Bylaws, in the appropriate place.

Revised/Amended:  __April 15, 2014 by membership approval__

President:  Carol Mauk

Secretary:  Cheri Echols

Vice-President:  Barbara Scott-Blakely

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dress Attire for Wind Ensemble

As concert season approaches, Freshmen and New Students who don't have the dress attire for Wind Ensemble need to get their own attire ordered. Orders can be placed online at:
Girls need to order a Black Dress
Style # 2045AA ($58.00)
OR Style # 4785AA ($59.00)
Boys need to order a White Wing Tip Shirt
Style #2181 ($13.90)
Please keep in mind that the delivery of these items (above) may take several weeks,
so the sooner you can get the items you need ordered the better!
The boys will be fitted for and provided with the rest of the tuxedo attire they will need to go with their white shirts.  Boys and Girls will also need their own black socks/pantyhose and black dress shoes of their choosing.

*******Attention Parents of Wind Ensemble Girls*******
Brand new size 4 and size 6 dresses for Wind Ensemble are available to purchase. If anyone still needs one they can email Tara Becerra at

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A message from Mr. Garvin :)

17 People's Choice Awards in 6 years!!
That is a statistic that says it all. The students who make up the
Aztec Marching Band & Color guard have been rewarded by audiences throughout Southern California with the "People's Choice Award" again and again.
What does this actually mean? 
Our audiences love the Aztec Marching Band
We play exciting music
We play fun and enjoyable music
We play music that people know and remember fondly
and most importantly:
We perform to please and entertain our audiences,
After all, isn't that the entire purpose?
I'm very proud of the musicians, color guard members, and logistics who come together and work together for one purpose: "To put on a Quality Show"
Garv Loves Ya!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our Field Show Tournament is Saturday 10/12!!

We are still in need of adult volunteers to help us keep this event running smoothly!  If you are able to sign up for a job (and receive FREE admission to the show!) we invite you to contact Jen Rubio at (760) 220-0683 right away to volunteer your time.  Most jobs will require about 3 hours of your time (11:30-2:30 or 2:30-5:30).  We also need all the help we can get setting up (9am-11am) as well as cleaning up (6:30-8pm).  We plan to have all of the job positions filled by Tuesday night 10/8, but illnesses and unexpected things do happen, so we still invite you to volunteer as a back-up/replacement worker even up until the very last minute if you can.  We've been making as many phone calls as we can (and leaving many messages) in an attempt to invite all parents to help, but we regret that we don't think we've been able to reach and notify everyone.
THANK YOU for your time and for supporting our kids this day!
We really appreciate your help!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Volunteer information update!

********Attention Band Parents********
The District Office is offering the parent volunteer class two evenings this month:  Wednesday, September 18th and Wednesday, September 25th. Both classes begin at 6pm at the District Office on H street.  This class is a requirement if you want to chaperone ANY trip with the Band.  If you plan to work concessions, the field show on October 12th, or to help sell 50/50 tickets at football games, it is NOT required.  You also have to have a current TB test (Meridian offers them for $25).  If you don't have it done by the evening of the class, it can be turned in later, but you can't be cleared until it is turned in.  You must also have completed the volunteer form signed by Mr. Delton (the form can be found on the district website by clicking HERE) before attending the class. The fingerprinting fee is $35 and a money order is preferred, but they will also accept cash in the exact amount.  Also, when you are cleared, please let Mr. Garvin or a Band Booster Board Member know. Thank you!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Announcing...The 2013 Field Show!!

The BHS Aztec Marching Band
and Color Guard will present:

“Aztec’s play it Kool”
Featuring the music of Kool and the Gang
Ladies Night,
Jungle Boogie, and
Take it to the Top

 ...Oh Yeaaaahh!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Senior Banquet (Thursday, May 16th)

Congratulations SENIORS 2013!

...and Special Congrats to our Band Booster
Scholarship Award earners!! ($400 each!)
Joshua Hudson, Brandon Langford, 
 Natasha White, and Evelin Lopez!