Monday, February 10, 2014

Dress Attire for Wind Ensemble

As concert season approaches, Freshmen and New Students who don't have the dress attire for Wind Ensemble need to get their own attire ordered. Orders can be placed online at:
Girls need to order a Black Dress
Style # 2045AA ($58.00)
OR Style # 4785AA ($59.00)
Boys need to order a White Wing Tip Shirt
Style #2181 ($13.90)
Please keep in mind that the delivery of these items (above) may take several weeks,
so the sooner you can get the items you need ordered the better!
The boys will be fitted for and provided with the rest of the tuxedo attire they will need to go with their white shirts.  Boys and Girls will also need their own black socks/pantyhose and black dress shoes of their choosing.

*******Attention Parents of Wind Ensemble Girls*******
Brand new size 4 and size 6 dresses for Wind Ensemble are available to purchase. If anyone still needs one they can email Tara Becerra at

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