Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our Field Show Tournament is Saturday 10/12!!

We are still in need of adult volunteers to help us keep this event running smoothly!  If you are able to sign up for a job (and receive FREE admission to the show!) we invite you to contact Jen Rubio at (760) 220-0683 right away to volunteer your time.  Most jobs will require about 3 hours of your time (11:30-2:30 or 2:30-5:30).  We also need all the help we can get setting up (9am-11am) as well as cleaning up (6:30-8pm).  We plan to have all of the job positions filled by Tuesday night 10/8, but illnesses and unexpected things do happen, so we still invite you to volunteer as a back-up/replacement worker even up until the very last minute if you can.  We've been making as many phone calls as we can (and leaving many messages) in an attempt to invite all parents to help, but we regret that we don't think we've been able to reach and notify everyone.
THANK YOU for your time and for supporting our kids this day!
We really appreciate your help!

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